Alexander Himmlisch was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Gandiva.



Of German-Japanese descent, Alexander is 6ft tall thanks to his german fathers strong genes, but is has black hair and green eyes from his mother side of the family. A man of medium build but lean muscles, he trains as much as possible to ensure success of a mission and walks with a careful stride in every step.


Alex uses an Ariake Technologies Naginata sniper rifle, and an Executioner pistol.


For clothing he generally uses the required uniforms but wears black clothing or bodysuits incase he needs to do stealth at any moment. The soles of his shoes are as well wore down to reduce the sound of his natural foot steps.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

As a child born to a luxurious German aristocratic lineage most people would assume that Alexander Kazuto Himmlisch would live a life of ease and security, but in actuality his life was full of many hardships. Before his birth his father Alphonse Himmlisch, who only believed in success, had his mother (Mikoto) purposely exposed to high dosages of element zero during her pregnancy, even though there was many reports that medical complications occurred in both mother and child. It didn’t matter to him though because their marriage was only a political one to secure more influence in Japan. So after Alexander was born his mother health weakened drastically, which forced her to never leave home for most of his childhood. By the time Alex was 6 his biotic power was became very visible. This was apparent due to the fact that when playing at the park one day, unwittingly he climbed onto a dead tree as it fell suddenly, first throwing him off then inevitably falling onto to him. It was only due to the immense pressure of the situation that had somewhat awakened his biotic power, which allowed him to just barely curve the tree in time to the side saving his life. Alex’s father witnessed this with a smile. As his early childhood passed, he was subjected to a harsh training regime by his father that involved only the most difficult education and physical training. The only reason why he managed to survive all of it with a smile on his face was because he did it all for his mother safety. This was because he was well aware that if he performed badly, his father would beat his mother for bearing him a ‘weak’ son, only agitating her condition. In actuality if it wasn’t for his mother presence, then he would have most certainly given up long ago.

Once he became 18 his father had him join the military, although most parents would send their kids to the alliance academies, Alphonse chose to send his son to a Cerberus controlled school. This was due to his extreme puritan beliefs that humans should be running the galaxy and as well saw this as a business opportunity to get closer to Cerberus. Even though Alexander didn’t want to leave his mother unguarded from his father's wrath, he had no choice except to leave, but not without his mother's parting words. “Kazu, I know that you don’t want to leave me behind, but don’t worry about your father. You just need to remember to not lose your path in life.” “But mother, he treats you so despicably”! “Even so, I want a better life for you Kazu and that can only happen if you leave this house and get away from your father”. “Mother…”. With these words, Alex left his home of 18 years and joined Cerberus.

As time passed, during basic training Alex went through the ranks with a helping hand from his father's influence, and found his innate ability with the sniper rifle. Eventually when he finished he was given the privilege of becoming a Cerberus field agent due to his infiltration and surveillance skills. In this time he had also been given surgery to amplify his biotics skills giving birth to his better manipulating skills that would dominate the minds of weak opponents. It was after this he was given his first mission on the moon Torfon, where he was suppose to survey the Batarian crime syndicate that was regaining lost power and rescue human civilians with a small combat team. Alex instead witnessed a rude awakening to the real world. During this mission as he and his team located the prisoners he realized that there were not only human prisoners, but as well as asari and turians. When he asked centurion captain in charge of this mission why there was no mention of this in the mission status, all the captain said in reply “who cares about these scum?”

As appalled as Alex was, he remembered that he was apart of Cerberus which was known for their careless action towards other species. He always assumed that these cases were just the isolated extreme ones that held little regard for their agency as a whole, but to see it up front was astonishing. As he was being forced to leave with only the human prisoners at hand he noticed something was off. There was a soldier missing from the squad, when he went back to go look for him Alex witnessed an horrific scene. The lone soldier was deliberately forcing the rest of the prisoners back into their cages saying “We’re not here to save you filth!”. As he looked back in the room he saw a mother Asari protecting her scared child as the soldier threateningly pointed his weapon towards her, and without even a thought he knocked out the soldier with the butt of his rifle. With this he allowed the rest of the prisoners escape and gave them his gun to finish the soldier, while Alex himself left to the evac zone. He knew his actions were overboard, but he didn’t care. When he got back to Cerberus headquarters, they never convicted him because they assumed the soldier was killed by the fleeing civilians, but he decided to leave the agency due to his own disgust with the people working there.

Even though his father was enraged after finding out he left Cerberus and disowned him, Alex did not care though, he just simply wanted to spend live life like how he wanted, so he became a mercenary. He could have joined the Alliance, but he simply wanted to live a more secluded lifestyle with no restrictions. After being on the battlefield for 2 years he had seen many disturbing events similar to that he faced on Torfan, but unlike the previous time he started to care less and less and began to act as if they were the norm. Since he worked mainly by himself, for the times he did work with a team he simply just focused on the mission and nothing else, not caring if any of them were lost. By the time he was offered to join Guardian, he already had a hardened record of past achievements with questionable actions. It didn’t matter to them though, as long as he did the job right, they gladly accepted his presence.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Alex was assigned to the CSV Gandiva. During the mission to assassinate Councilor Leral Veran, Alex was assigned to the distraction team in Apollo's Cafe. He successfully took down several targets from a sniping position before being flanked by SPECTRE agent Vahan Octavian and thrown out a window to the level below. Recovering quickly, the young human set off alone again only to be flanked once more, this time fatally ending as Octavian killed the man with his own weapon.


Alex was once a hyperactive child with love for only his mother, but slowly he became a more cold man due to the battlefield. He’s a calm individual who will try to analyze situations and can for hours be lost in deep thoughts. During combat he moves with quick and precise movements, and isn’t afraid to abandon people for his duties, but every now and then suffers from nightmares that affects his decision making. He is also a lover of chess, and fully embrace libraries because of their peaceful atmosphere, and is actually very shy when it comes to one on one encounters with women.

Although Alex is particularly bad with women, in general he has difficulties talking with most people. He doesn’t argue most of the time, but once you get on his bad side, he will avoid you as much as possible. If approached with a common hobby, Alex will treat you with friendliness. Despite coming from a racists background, he is actually open to talking with most species, but will generally avoid those that he has fought against out of pure reflex, but actively avoids aristocrats due to his hatred for his father. A man who treads on the lines of morals, Alex will do anything that he deems necessary without care for the consequences.