Alixandyr Glastone was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Avalon. He was the brother of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. operative Tristan Glastone.



Alix, being a biotic, always required a higher caloric intake. To compete with this, Alix had picked up a strict workout regimen to keep himself lean and fit. Outside of his lean physique, Alix's hairstyle can be described as an undercut. Always wanting to add a little personality to his hair, he dyed it a deep blue to match his biotic energy. A long vertical scar runs across his right eye from a biotic related accident from his training days.


Alix carried with him an M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol.


As for clothing, Alix, for the most part, wore the uniform provided for him by GUARDIAN. However, when not required to, Alix enjoyed wearing bright colors whenever he can. Typically, he kept a neutral pant color, such as black, and pairs it with his colorful shirt and shoes. Also, depending on when he last cut his hair, he sometimes could be seen holding it back in a small man-bun as was the style many years ago.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Alix's family lived on the Alliance Colony of Amaterasu. It was there, while pregnant with twins, that Alix's mother was dusted with Eezo. Shockingly enough, both twins successfully gained Biotic symptoms. Growing up Alix and Tristan could often be seen utilizing their powers and practicing their skills on one another. It was in this time that Tristan was levitating a branch and accidentally sent it flying at Alix's face causing a large laceration. That's when Alix's parents decided that they could no longer properly care for the twins. Researching their options and deciding against a purely military education, the boys were sent to Grissom Academy where they were outfitted with the new L5x implant.

The boys arrived at Grissom when they were only 10. However, considering the nature of biotics, they were neither the oldest or the youngest to attend. In fact, Alix became fast friends a lot of the students who went to Grissom. While studying at the academy it was clear that the twins had very different styles. Tristan was more aggressive and combat prone while Alix was a sideline supporter who favored research and development over combat skill. Thus, it came as no surprise that Tristan at the age of 16 left the Academy to begin a military career. During this time, Alix broke inside. He had never been without his brother and to see him go was like watching family betray him. If Alix had only known that his overbearing and somewhat needy nature contributed to Tristan’s departure, he may have changed. Unfortunately, Alix was convinced it had to do with not really knowing Tristan at all. He became paranoid, wondering if all his friends lied to him, if suddenly they would all leave. He became closed off and started shying away from the other students. This reclusion turned out to be a boon for Alix. Without social distractions, he had thrown himself into studying Kinetic Fields and becoming an expert and shrouding himself with biotic energy, almost like a sick commentary on his personal ideals.

While continuing his research into Kinetic Fields, Alix began to become rather perceptive as a person. He would study his fellow students and over time discovered that with the right words and a careful nudge, he could drive people to do his bidding. This is when he discovered his talent for gas lighting. A strange thing to have a talent in, and truth be told Alix didn’t view his skills as a form of gas lighting. He thought he was cultivating people into liking him on his terms, making them like him for the things Alix thought he should be liked for. He was making them trust him, depend on him, never want to leave him. Alix was protecting himself from abandonment, and at the same time he was becoming less and less aware of the negatives to his actions. It was then only time until he became a teacher at Grissom. His skills in biotics were no joke and his talent for getting his way made him very likable. Students flocked to his classes, the other faculty wanted to hang around him, even the Headmaster had nothing but good words about him. Alix had done it, he had formed a home that cherished him. He would never have to leave.

All things do, however, come to an end. Alix spent every waking hour reading books on other races, how they functioned, their societies, their way of communication. It was as if he was becoming a self-taught xenoanthropologist. In reality, it was nothing that educationally in-depth, if anything he was becoming a pro at linguistics and societal queues. Alix still made time for his biotics, he would practice those in the morning and when he got tired he would read up on his books in the evening. He did this routine for years and when one book was read he moved to another, or watched holo-vids, or even just observed the comers and goers of Grissom. Now in his late twenties, his prowess with Kinetic Fields was consider top in the field. Granted his skills were mostly supportive due to his split education in biotics and people. Desiring to learn from all races and planets, Alix had an itch to explore the universe. Coincidentally a new organization by the name of Guardian had come to Grissom to seek the best of the best in biotic skill. Alix met with them and explained that while he might not be too good at helping in the combat they surely faced, he would be glad to help teach and care for any biotics they came across. He would use Guardian to discover more about aliens, how they worked, how they functioned, how they made lasting relationships, and how they could bend to his will; and, in in turn Guardian would use him to further their agenda. It became a mutually beneficial partnership.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Alix was assigned to the CSV Avalon. During the operation to repair the Shroud (CSV Avalon: Bad Medicine), Alixandyr was assigned to the decrypion team where he studied the ancient STG files. Opting to stay behind during the attack, Mazoril ordered the young man to stay behind and assist the Sirta Team. He was kidnapped by Maeala Xikaris, revealing the Sirta team to in fact be a Taetran Insurrection party. Weeks later and after many torture sessions, he was executed by Genea Tasati while broadcasting to the CSV Aegis.


Alix’s personality could've been described in two parts. The first part is initial communications. Upon meeting someone, Alix took a quick moment to gain a grasp of a person’s personality, usually facilitated with some simple probing questions. After getting a general read, Alix adapted a persona which he believes will either gain a favorable outcome or allow him to further pursue a deeper level of manipulation. These persona’s usually fall under a general three categories: Shy and Naïve; Sarcastic, rude, yet funny; smart, educated, and mysterious. The first persona is used when interacting with others that fall under that category as well and when talking to those who view themselves with power. The second is his average disposition, he uses this most when it doesn’t really matter how he approaches an individual, or when his probing questions don’t reveal too much. Finally, his last persona was used when interacting with those that share that attitude or when in a highly professional setting. Alix did however, have issues when it comes to interacting with groups of people. Unable to sway entire rooms, Alix reverted to whatever persona garners the most use. Additionally, it has occurred where Alix had encountered an individual that has witnessed a prior persona while Alix is using a different one, thus he must now explain why he sounds different. This tends to lessen the illusion.

The second aspect of Alix’s personality is his ‘true persona’ the version of himself that he lets friends see. This Alix is a combination of the three personalities. He has the compassion of the first one, the sarcasm and hilarity of the second one, and the education and wit of the third one. This version of himself is the one that he grew up with until his brother left, it’s also the one he shows to most biotics as well. Alix had a soft spot for biotics and has a hard time manipulating those who use them, mainly because it reminds himself of his twin. A lot of times too, Alix would slip into this personality when faced with a multitude of people.