This page provides a template for finalizing your character on the Main Server. Applicants for the Training Server must instead use the Google Forms link provided there.

Character Creation Rules

  1. The amount of characters one player can have is limited to three. There are very rarely any exceptions to this rule so please do not push it.
  2. Only canon races, non-Reaper/Leviathan, and non-extinct races can be created as characters. Background races are not considered canon, these include the Raloi, Virtual Aliens, etc.
  3. Only original characters can be approved. Any character that is a canon character or related to a canon character will not be approved.
  4. Comic Book or Video Game or etc. faceclaims that have already been claimed, may be acquired if an arrangement is worked out between the original claimant, or if the original claimant has been inactive for at least a year.
  5. Characters enhanced by genetic or synthetic means are allowed, but they must be within reason, and should remain in the realm of their race’s physiology.
  6. Character biographies must be at least 5 paragraphs and may not be in a timeline format (having a separate timeline as a summary is allowed but will not be counted as a part of the biography).
  7. Biotic characters who are not asari will require an explanation on how they were exposed to Eezo dust in utero (before they are born).
  8. Mutants and hybrids are likely not to be approved without good reason.
  9. Advanced characters are characters that possess special traits that are not very common throughout the Galaxy. These characters may be very important to the world at large and may not be your first character due to their status. You will be allowed to make one for your second character, but be warned, Advanced Characters require an RP Sample (at least four paragraphs required) and are subject to more criticism. Advanced Characters: Geth, Yahg, Artificial Intelligences, Rachni, Ardat-Yakshi, Justicars, High-Ranking Leaders, Spectres, and Top-Tier Special Forces. Other types of Advanced Characters are up to the Admins’/Mods’ discretion.

The Template

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(Faceclaim image goes here. We'd strongly encourage using Imgur for this.)

Name: (Make sure this name is appropriate for your chosen race and matches their naming conventions.)

Alias: (Only if applicable. Otherwise, please leave this blank.)

Rank: (Unless you have discussed the idea of being a higher rank with a Moderator/Administrator, you may choose to be either a Private, Corporal or Operative.)

Age: (Please ensure this works with your Date of Birth, remembering that the current year in Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. is 2186.)


Date of Birth: (Please ensure this works with your Age, remembering that the current year in Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. is 2186.)


Current Residence: (For this field, please give your character's civilian, non-deployment residence. For example, the crew's quarters on your assigned ship would not be appropriate, as that is a deployment residence.)

Skin Tone:

Eye Color:

Hair/Plate/Crest Color:

Height: (Please use feet and inches for measurement.)

Weight: (Please use lbs. for measurement.)

Build: (Skinny, lean, muscular, chubby, etc.)


Orientation: (Your character's sexual orientation.)

Status: (Active, Missing or Deceased.)

Occupation: (Your character's role in G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. For a typical soldier, simply write "Combat Operative".)


Marital Status: (e.g. Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced)

Alignment: % Paragon, % Renegade

Armament: (Please select up to three weapons that you would like your character to own, e.g. "M-8 Avenger".)




Abilities: (Please select up to three Powers from the Mass Effect games that you would like your character to have at their disposal, e.g. "Incinerate".)




Personality: (You must write at least two paragraphs for this section. No exceptions. Try to include believable character flaws.)

Physical Description: (You must write at least two paragraphs for this section. No exceptions.)

Biography: (You must write at least five paragraphs for this section. No exceptions.)

--- --- ---