“♪ Every day’s great at your Don-dle’s! ♫”


The Dondle Corporation is a quality-of-life improvement company founded in 2110.


The Dondle Corporation was founded as a quality-of-life improvement company in the year 2110 by the Batarian female founder named Jorra Kitan. They initially developed interesting pieces of furniture along with some applications here and there before they struck gold with their Omni-Tool VI interface - Azure. Its function was to manage all aspects of your life similar to a universal remote, but even for getting dressed, making food, etcetera.

After that, business boomed and the Dondle Corporation stuck its fingers in any business venture that it realistically could. It became a household name with its logo on opening vid credits, video game after credits, a whole line of food (namely Dondle Biscuits, the biscuit for every family), and others. It has even made deals with the Serrice Council and Armax Arsenal companies to develop its own line of weapons and armor.

Renowned across the galaxy for accessible technology, extremely large department stores, and the improvement of a consumer’s quality-of-life, the Dondle Corporation is one of the staples of the galactic economy with a multi-trillion dollar industry at its fingertips.

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Salesperson
  • Customer Service
  • Secretary
  • Assistant
  • Intern

Notable Members

  • Founder and CEO Jorra Kitan (Deceased)
  • CEO Zela T'Buro