"Now all you need is a bullet hole on the other side of your face, and no-one will know the difference." 

Emma Trier is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Lieutenant and Medical Officer of the GSV Osiris. She was previously onboard the CSV Avalon.


Emma is fairly average in height, with light blue eyes, blonde hair which browns at the roots and an efficient layer of makeup framing her stern but well proportioned expressions. She's almost always dressed in some form of white to exemplify the sterile conditions of her usual workplace, and if summoned to an active away mission, she carries a slightly more practical attire.


Her frame is fairly lithe. Her usual excuse is that all the trendiest clothes come in size 0, but if she was objectively honest she'd admit she's vain and somewhat anorexic. Her diet doesn't match, though she credits her weight management down to Biotics use.


- M-5 Phalanx, Modified M-12 Locust (Extended Barrel, Extended Magazine)

- L3 Unity Amp X (Sirta Foundation)

- Logic Arrest Tool X (Ariake Technologies)

With biotic training on the Citadel, Emma can perform Biotic Slam, Biotic Charge, Stasis and Backlash. Her Omni-tool can perform medical tasks and Cryo Blast.


Emma originally utilized Alliance Support armor used by it's tech proficient personnel. Depending on the occasion, she would also employ stylish clothing ranging from nurse attire, kinetic cloth coat and ballroom dress.

Starting from the 26th of December, 2186, Emma is now one of the few users of the expensive prototype 'PHOESSSITION “Physician” Modular Light Suit'. The ‘PHOESSSITION’ modular suit is a relatively stylish combination of efficient Cryo options, medical frameworks, and weaponized external biotics. The suit is partially based on the basic architecture of Asari armors and the ‘Phoenix’ line of Sirta Foundation armors. Designed to be a modular system for pure biotics, pure medical functions, pure absolute zero functions or a mix of the two, the suit can be constructed as a base model, suited for any usage and interchanged at a later date. Beyond the suite of offensive cryo, force biotics and palm blasters, the suit partitions additional power to enhance personal barriers or kinetic barriers based on the sleeve configuration.


Emma's father, Winston Trier was (and is) a modestly respected surgeon back in France. He'd holiday frequently to peel off the wear and tear of long nights working in intensive care, and found an eerily laid-back Australia his home away from home. He slowly grew fond of an Australian reservist Adrienne he'd met on one of his trips, and ... well, let's just say the French language and kiss was bloody Aces.

Several years later, Winston got a potential position at the Citadel, he knew he couldn't turn the offer down. He went down to Australia, proposed, and asked her to join him across the galaxy. She begrudginly accepted, but Emma would be told time and time again that she never regretted that decision.

They departed for Citadel space, though like any story, trouble ensued. The ship broke down in FTL, leaving them stranded in space. The core overloaded, sending dangerous levels of Eezo throughout the ship. The few biotics and tech specialists tried their best to stop it, and any medical complications were sorted out by the ship's medic (with a hand or two from Winston). After three days, a small group of search and rescue craft found them and completed their journey.

Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Emma was born on the Citadel, living with her mother while her father worked in the new Fiona Woods Hospital - a hospital with a more human styled operation and mantra. She relished the chance to see her father in his zone, important and fufilled by his work. She wished she could be a surgeon, and that made Winston smile every time.

Emma got decent grades; not enough to be a Doctor, but enough to go into a nursing course. Adrienne managed to call a favor or two and got her an Alliance scholarship, and with both of her parents blessings she followed their legacy, one foot from each.

After three years, she graduated first class, and made sure her work experience internship rotation was at the Fiona Woods hospital. While she was mostly around for her bedside manner, she took an active interest in life saving procedures and cutting edge surgery, trying not to faint from some of the more serious and obscure incidents on the Citadel.

The Coffee Shop Massacre was the last turning point. The gravely wounded were spread out across the Wards hospitals, and Emma saw first hand the mangled casualties and gravely wounded. Her father and the staff did their best, but she knew that many of them wouldn't survive.

When a particularly violent combatant almost broke loose, Emma's fear projected her latent Biotic powers. Her father immediately intervened, killing the Blight Dominion Krogan with a barrage of Cryo Blasts and a visually painful series of Neural shocks. Her father had impressed on her the importance of life - but in a rare display, he contemplated the value of taking lives to save more. He'd never perform something so morally dubious before, but a sliver of doubt made her contemplate whether her father had done something like that previously - or to other dissidents that day.

When GUARDIAN announced it's intentions, Emma gave it serious thought. Winston recognized their value, but didn't want Emma to throw away a promising position at the hospital. Adrienne knew both opportunities were significant and worthy of assistance. She offered Emma her old but never used M-3 Phalanx, and promised to train her to use it to make up her mind. They'd also considered submitting Emma for Biotic training, knowing it was better to control those powers than risk it to emotional and environmental pressures.

Emma clocked in several days of practice with the pistol, and weeks of Biotic training, missing the first wave of GUARDIAN recruiting when they finally opened their doors. She honed a basic Biotic charge, allowing her to get to wounded people faster, Stasis to preserve the critically wounded, and Barrier so she could work even in the middle of a firefight. Her father wound up teaching her some of the more advanced Omni-tool surgery options, and Cryo Blasts for keeping spare blood and organs chilled for long periods of time without standalone refridgeration.

She finally made a choice, knowing that GUARDIAN had lofty but dangerous goals, and they'd need medical attention wherever they went.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Emma was assigned to the CSV Avalon. She was involved in two missions to Tuchanka, and a deep sea biology excursion.


Emma spent all of her downtime of four months on the Citadel, taking an extremely casual rotation as a nurse at her previous Hospital. In that time, she focused on refining her Biotics with an Asari C-Sec Captain. Trier now can perform 'Backlash' and 'Biotic Slam' abilities, and all of her biotics are undoubtedly reliable.

Also With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Emma participated on a covert mission on Kahje to control the use of a prototype Kepral's Syndrome cure. While injured by grenade shrapnel during the main firefight, they were successful in retrieving the cure - even if it was wildly less effective than touted.

During the Elysium Skyllian Blitz, Emma was assigned to the Strike Witches battle group. While they were successful in minor skirmishes to retrieve civilians, they met significant resistance against Batarian ground forces and Special Forces near the main school. Emma could only wither down the ground forces with her shotgun, and receive rubble via an exploded shuttle. Whilst their objective was satisfied, Emma found her combat profile to be less than sufficient.

Aftermath 2186/2187

Intent on furthering her prowess in medical treatment and biotics, Emma set in motion plans to provide a modular power suit for medical, cryonic or biotic focused operators. Enlisting the help of the gun happy Salarian Watcher and regal Asari armorer, her request was slowly worked on.

Additionally, an N7 Biotic, Tristan Glastone, took interest in her interest on matters concerning human biotics. Offered the opportunity to receive the proportionately potent "MKII Phoenix Flame" Biotic Amplifier and Implant. While tempted, her medical background intuitively made her decline, favoring a no risk even for significant power. To her credit, she still volunteered to oversee the procedure, offering surprising insights and attentiveness during the retrofit and recovery period.

Afterwards, she returned to Haven, finally receiving the prototype suit. Having only a few days to test it from Boxing day, she returned to the GSV Avalon - only to find it well and truly destroyed. Picking up any life pods, and utilizing her medical skills, combined with the new medical element of the suit, she was able to treat many more than possible, making such an expensive venture worthwhile.

Emma maintained some loyalty to GUARDIAN, providing medical aid to the stragglers that the Salarian Watcher encountered. While not certain for the future, she maintained her stance of helping those, especially by being in the best place to do so. Eventually, GUARDIAN regrouped on Illium, where she more formally became the Second Lieutenant she wished be.


During a mission relating to the Torchbearer microdrive, Emma demonstrated the potential of the "PHOESSSITION" technical suit, while the Osiris team was engaged with multiple mechanized Cerberus units. Taking down a Dragoon, Sharpshooter, Centurion, and multiple Troopers, the team barely escaped a river boat chase and Typhon apex-predator to fall off a waterfall. Coming to the medical aid of Costis, and (eventually) Zakhar, she gained a promotion for this mission, becoming a Lieutenant.


Emma has the bedside manner of a professional nurse coupled with the urbane wit of a trained extranet troll, making her almost intoxicatingly pleasant to be around. Following in her father's footsteps, she practices medicine in a vain attempt to help everyone back on their two feet, but after that they have to fend for themselves on their own terms. It's hard to tell whether her amiable disposition or wry wit are all an act, but deep down she cherishes generous acts and generous people.

While Emma disdains violence that leads to her occupation being profitable, she nonetheless sees the value in self protection. She detests people who see violence as the optimum or initial response, and values naive solutions. While Emma can exude an aura of calm confidence, a threshold of insensibility can convert her into a chiding tirade. The idea of extreme heights after the Genophage cure is something that would give her great apprehension.

She shows great pride in her talents as a nurse, and the new found prowess as a biotic. While she must juggle whether she wants to pursue her true or new calling, she handles both quickly and dutifully when either is needed.


  • Emma has met Roget Martius in the many times people have been hospitalized by Citadel Security.