CSV Muramasa

The GSV Muramasa (GUARDIAN Space Vehicle Muramasa) is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Alamo-class starship. As a military frigate, she is the primary assault vessel of the fleet. Manufactured by the Systems Alliance in 2179, the power plant, propulsion systems, barriers and hull plating are, despite its small size, certainly nothing to gawk at, and its marvelous firepower is a sight to behold. The Commanding Officer is Major Jorgal Cirn.

Internal Layout

Captain’s Cabin  

Location: Deck 4 - Central

Currently occupied by Major Jorgal Cirn, the Captain’s Cabin functions as the CO’s quarters and workplace. The medium sized room typically contains a large bed, desk, small couch, video screen, several shelves, a small closet and two small windows into space. In its current state, some pieces of the Cabin’s furniture have been reinforced to support a krogan’s weight, with many relics from Cirn’s past - items from his upbringing, broken armor pieces, enemy souvenirs, squad photos, and most notably a rachni’s severed head prominently displayed on shelves and mounted on walls. Apart from these items, the Cabin has a surprisingly tidy look overall, especially for a krogan.

Executive Officer’s Office

Location: Deck 4 - Central

Currently occupied by Lieutenant-Commander Kaerra Vyranos, the office functions as the XO’s quarters and workplace. Slightly smaller in size than the Captain’s Cabin, the room typically features a large bed, desk, several shelves, a small video screen and a modestly sized dresser along with a small window into space. Currently, the office also contains a pet bed for the XO’s varren, Henry, a mini-fridge in place of the dresser and wall mounts for weapons in place of one of the shelves. Several personal items, such as the remains of Kaerra’s old sidearm, a broken, digital picture frame or souvenirs from missions like spent thermal clips are stored on the room’s desk or displayed on one of the shelves. It overall provides a slightly messy atmosphere in contrast to Major Cirn’s Cabin.


Location: Deck 4 - Rear

Housed in the Muramasa’s uppermost deck just below the main sensor and communications array, the Bridge functions as the ship’s command center. Outfitted with rows of screens, terminals, consoles, and interfaces, it usually houses the ship’s captain, Major Jorgal Cirn, and several other officers. For protection purposes, the bridge only features virtual windows instead of physical ones.

Crew Lounge

Location: Deck 3 - Rear

Arguably the most inviting looking room on the Muramasa, the Crew Lounge provides a place for crew members to relax and interact socially. It is divided into a lower and upper part connected by a short staircase. The Lounge’s lower part contains several couches and chairs, fake plants, a coffee machine, a large video screen, and a sound system, with the latter two also being visible and audible from the upper area. This elevated part is slightly smaller than the lower area and only contains a single, wide couch underneath a large, panoramic window overlooking the Muramasa’s engines.


Location: Deck 2 - Central

Filled with numerous gun racks, shelves, lockers, crates and working tables used to store everything from rocket launchers to thermal clips, the Armory is a well-protected part of the ship. Along with constantly being supervised by a quartermaster, its entrances are secured with rotating passcodes uploaded to combat operatives’ and other authorized personnel’s omni-tools in two-hour intervals. Adjacent to the Armory is the Firing Range, containing six, 30 m long shooting lanes with mass effect field bullet traps at their ends and numerous deployment points for holographic or optional, physical targets. Both rooms lack any decorative objects and are painted mostly in a neutral silver / grey.


Location: Deck 3 - Central

Containing several different kinds of exercise equipment and a relatively open area in the middle for sparring, the Gym is a rather bland room in appearance. Two windows on one side, with a couple of long benches underneath them and a solitary, fake houseplant in the middle, allow for a view out into space. A pair of fridges provides cold water along with levo and dextro sports drinks respectively. Adjacent to the Gym is only a small unisex changing room.


Location: Decks 1, 2, (3) - Central

Mostly confined to the lowest two decks, the Engineering area is home to most of the Muramasa’s vital systems, including its two reactors, both hidden behind thick, titanium-alloy shields with only small windows, which extend into the port and starboard sides of deck three respectively. Less cleanly designed than the rest of the ship, the area features numerous open wall panels and exposed electronics and serves as the hub for the Muramasa’s maintenance tunnels which run through the entire ship. Several critical rooms are exempted from regular crew access and only available to engineers and officers. In general, the Engineering area usually does not seem very inviting to the average crew member, but can appear like a playground to tech-savvy individuals.

Shuttle Bay

Location: Decks 1, 2 - Rear

Spanning two decks in height, the Shuttle Bay takes up a major part of the Muramasa’s aft end and is cut off from space by double-layered atmospheric shields and a heavy blast door. It typically houses two UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttles, two A-62 Mantis Gunships, and four SX-3 Fighters, but has space for several more external starships. The Bay contains a large amount of equipment for ship servicing, refueling and resupplying, along with a small freight crane on the ceiling. Several light turrets are placed throughout the Shuttle Bay to combat possible boarding operations. The slight echo that affects every sound, variety of mechanical noises and smells, and slightly cooler air compared to the rest of the ship give the Shuttle Bay an industrial feeling.


Whilst the Muramasa can hit hard, it unfortunately cannot be hit hard itself. It's also not the easiest ship to maneuver, especially in combat. When flying the ship, a pilot of significant skill is required or else it will be turned, for lack of a better term, into scrap metal.


The Muramasa has a crew compliment of 150 personnel. This number includes fifty Security Force marines, twenty pilots, fifty passengers and space for other miscellaneous crew members.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Former Crew


Arc One - Civil Unrest

October 16th, 2185

The Muramasa was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take.

October 19th, 2185

The Muramasa was involved in the side event CSV Muramasa: Necropolis

October 22nd, 2185

The Muramasa hosted the minor event CSV Muramasa: Paradise Lost

November 21st, 2185

The Muramasa hosted the main event CSV Muramasa: The Battle for Wrill

December 31st, 2185

Ending Arc One for the vessel, the Muramasa was involved in the event CSV Muramasa: Assault on Taetrus


The Muramasa had been actively searching for a new Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, with Talon retaining the command until a suitor for each role was found. On the military front things had been quiet as well, with no real scrapes to mention in the Muramasa’s logs. Jorgal Cirn and Tyra Rutork were selected as Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, respectively.

Arc Two - Civil War

May 3rd, 2186

Opening arc two for the vessel, the Muramasa participated in the event CSV Muramasa: Snowblind


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