CIC Emerson,
I reached out as per your inquiry to an old contact involved in the Blue Suns mercenary outfit. They were able to get me most of the intel I asked for and then some. I’ve forwarded what I’ve received and will keep this contact open if ever we need an update.
Operative Sap'Korah, CSV Gandiva


Base of Operations: Vatar, Kairavamori, Omega Nebula


  1. Kran Mi’Toasas - Batarian male, Head of the Blue Suns    
  2. Spider (Birth Name Unknown) - Batarian male, Lieutenant                     
  3. Tendria Valerian  - Turian female, Lieutenant

Approximate Strength: Unknown

Territories Covered: All known systems, wherever there are credits to be made and the Blue Suns have the contract.

Operative Notes

It’s not much information, I need to find a higher up contact within the outfit, but we do have some key intel. It would appear that Omega is under the control of a single merc group right now, the Talons. The Blue Suns are still alive and kicking, but it is interesting to see that they have a new home. Leadership looks stable as ever, and if Spider is who I think it is, we may have lucked out. I’ll do some more digging if you wish.

Contact's Memo

Well, here ya go Brathe, this is all I could round up in a short amount of time, but it should suffice. Not my problem if it don’t. As long as [ R E D A C T E D ] keep up this deal just fine. The Suns, along with other Merc groups have had a hard time regaining a foothold on Omega after those Talons swept through and took the place. The current chief decided to lay low on some backwater  world in the Omega Nebula, Vatar. As for leadership, that’s been steady for a while now. We’ve got a Batarian running the place, Kran Mi’Toasas. He keeps us impartial and gets whatever good deals he can. No sense of morals though, good for business. He’s got a couple top lieutenants, another batarian goes by Spider, no one knows what else to call him, and some Turian lady by the name of Tendria Valerian. I couldn’t give ya an honest approximation of our total strength though, you’d have to ask someone who isn’t stationed here on [ R E D A C T E D ]. We hear just about nothing in terms of numbers, sorry pal. Maybe get a better source. Or not, I like the [ R E D A C T E D ] you send me. We’re the Blue Suns, by the way. We’re everywhere. That’s a stupid question, your CIC isn’t a [ R E D A C T E D ] is he? I wouldn’t doubt it, leading an idealistic army. Whatever, you got your answers.

Stay alive out there, Brathe.

Notable Members