"Your past is just a story. Get that into your head, and it has no power over you."

Kenri Leravan is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Melpomene within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet.



Kenri is a female turian of somewhat average build, featuring lean muscles and particularly strong legs. Her skin tone is somewhere between raw umber and rosy brown, with her facial carapace depicting the white markings of Heirphon. Her brilliant electric blue eyes draw attention away from her notably small mandibles.


Opting to forgoe the offer of an M-8 Avenger, Kenri invested roughly 2,000 credits into purchasing her own personal weapon, a Phaeston assault rifle. This was largely due to her existing experience with the weapon from her time in the Hierarchy Navy.

She also carries a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.-issued M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol, a military 'talon' combat knife and, perhaps most humorously, a pair of handcuffs - a memoir from her days on Palaven, acting as more of a good-luck charm than something to be used in the field.


When on deployment, Kenri most commonly wears her standard-issue Hierarchy Navy combat armor. The suit is described as featuring a dark blue frame. Above the chest on the wearer's left side are the words "Artificer Kenri Leravan", engraved in white turian script. The armor's lights are a simple light blue.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born to turian military lifers Noktin and Kyloré Leravan in 2160 on the turian world Oma Ker, Kenri spent much of her youth under the care of their uncle. In early education, she demonstrated an intense fascination with the sciences and law. As hard worker who studied diligently, Kenri achieved very admirable results in her schooling - that is, whenever she wasn't getting herself into trouble. She had developed a hero complex to a problematic extent, deliberately causing undesirable situations so she would be able to "help" others. Thankfully, this behavior subsided very quickly after beginning mandatory military training at 15. Whilst her moral compass was refined substantially during this time, she never lost interest in the idea of upholding the law and keeping peace.

At 16, after boot camp, Kenri was encouraged to continue military vocations by her father. She briefly considered applying to become a naval pilot, then later a simple marine - but rather than persue these opportunities, she instead settled for studying a degree in Transracial Psychology whilst working as a Systems Technician with the 301st Artificer Corps on Oma Ker. Her mother passed away during 2179, disrupting her studies and social life for a few months whilst she grieved. Nonetheless, she eventually finished her studies and, inspired to honour her mother's legacy of service in the military police, applied to transfer to Palaven Law Enforcement as a Patrol Officer and Cybercrimes Specialist in 2182. A few months later, she had her first relationship with Sergeant Dekaan Phodros - however, this liason was brought to an early end after Dekaan was recommended for and subsequently transferred to Citadel Security in 2183.

In 2184, Kenri was involved in a case that ended with her defending herself from an armed assault with her stun baton. The attacker in question, a salarian hitman who had botched an attack on a political target before being pursued by enforcement officers, perished in hospital after the attack. Some more vocal media groups pinned the blame on her and her station. Already suffering from a barrage of bad press, the station superintendent offered to relieve Kenri from duty in exchange for legal immunity in case charges were pressed against her for murder or manslaughter. Disgusted at how she was treated, she abandoned her dream job and transferred back to Oma Ker as a Mechanical Engineer. Weeks rolled by as she desperately applied to new position openings that could make use of her degree and skills, but she found herself rejected every time in favour of more experienced applicants. It was, of course, in these emotional troughs of Kenri's life that news began to spread of a new initiative launched by the Council in response to the Coffee Shop Massacre. Intrigued by the sudden recruitment effort, Kenri issued an application requesting a formal transfer to the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. initiative. 

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Kenri was assigned to the CSV Gandiva. During the Operation Fortunate Sons mission briefing on October 16th, 2185, the Gandiva's Commanding Officer promoted Kenri to the position of Head Engineer.

Operation Fortunate Sons

Kenri acted as the leader of the Support Unit during the events of CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons (October 16th, 2185), working closely with Operative Mah'Raan nar Undani to decipher Dominion encryptions. She later deployed onto the unidentified space station to give ground support to Fireteam Venom, but her squad was decimated by Dominion forces. This was the first time in her life she had ever experienced real infantry combat.

Restrained by a krogan soldier, Garog Krann presented the young engineer with a choice - either allow herself to be shot in the chest and left for dead, or watch Krann snap Mah'Raan's spine, immediately killing him or crippling him for life. Unable to stall him for long with a plea to hear him out, Kenri finally made the decision to sacrifice her life for Mah'Raan's safety. However, Krann was attacked by Second Lieutenant Millers and Zero, prompting him to both cripple Mah'Raan and order Kenri's execution in his rage before escaping.

Kenri awoke the next day in the medbay, having been critically injured and emotionally shaken by her experiences. She had suffered a collapsed lung, nine broken ribs, two arterial and diaphragmatic ruptures and a pulmonary embolism. She did not remain reliably conscious until October 19th, 2185, when she was finally helped out of her bed by one of the medical staff for exercise. She used this free time to talk to Major Strada about the events of the mission.


Kenri, whilst emotionally mature and a critical thinker, is still very much young at heart. Whilst capable of crafting a very convincing air of external confidence, she frequently doubts herself and is acutely aware of her own shortcomings. As a student of the sciences earlier in her life, Kenri possesses an excellent knowledge of how the universe works and what makes people click. Whilst she likes to think of herself as humble, she has a habit of subtly bragging or showing off her knowledge in an effort to impress.

She is somewhat more resilient than most to violence and mentally stressful situations, but struggles deeply with her own idenitity. Seeking personal perfection, she strives on a daily basis to improve herself as much as she possibly can in a desperate effort to "fix"herself. She also struggles with the universal truth that "you can't please everyone," stubbornly attempting to find ways to circumvent this and blaming herself when she fails. This unhealthy thinking causes her a great deal of personal stress that can impact her work and social relations.

Kenri is a caring individual who habitually takes concern for the safety and happiness of those she comes to trust or simply work with. Where possible, she attempts to keep morale high - however, is not particularly good at this and often does a poor job of it, never quite knowing exactly what to say. In her heart, Kenri is an absolute romantic and often thinks about her potential future with a partner. As a result, she has a soft spot for anything emotionally warming or endearing.

Somewhat slow to trust others and prone to skepticism when someone offers to help her, she has a habit of becoming quite absent-minded when not directly tasked with anything and being notably finicky when she is directly tasked with something. When upset, there is little Kenri is able to do to control her manners. She becomes unfeelingly blunt and temperamental, often taking subtle actions out of spite for others and regretting them later. Unable to easily deal with anger, she often finds the need to withdraw to a quiet space on her own to relax.


  • Kenri Leravan was originally a 26th Armiger Legion soldier in Adameme's audio drama series Mass Effect: Legacy, in which she featured a different biography and personality. Her image here on the wiki was painted by DeviantART user BayZee as part of the promotional material for Legacy.