Commander Korin Kra'Shak is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Watcher. He resides onboard his personal shuttle, the CSV Vajra.



Korin looks like your average Batarian in many ways, however, he does take pride in his appearance. With the typical tan and brown skin pigmentation of a Batarian, Korin’s skin is smooth and reptilian. His four black eyes are large and round, typical of that of his bloodline. His jawline and face shape are fairly chiselled and squared compared to a normal Batarian’s however.

The SPARTAN’s body is the stuff of legends, or at least that’s what he claims. He takes pride in his physique and works on it quite often with a weight set in his shuttle, becoming very muscular with a shredded, athletic physique. With heavy scars from bullet holes, omni-blades, explosions, and fires, Korin’s large frame is definitely an intimidating sight.


Korin carries with him an AT-12 Raider shotgun and an Executioner pistol.


In terms of fashion, Korin is known for wearing very functional and bland clothing with muted colors such as brown, tan, black, and grey. He’s usually seen in a jacket, a t-shirt, trousers, boots, and a holster around his waist. In combat, he wears a Council-issued set of Paladin Watcher Armor or everywhere in the field. It’s bulky and black with red lining.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Korin Kra’Shak was always meant to be a soldier. From the cradle to the grave, he is and always will be a man of arms. His existence is to be a soldier in times when no one else can. He’s been told that since he was a child and he wholeheartedly believes it with every fiber of his being. But his story doesn’t start at birth. It starts earlier, actually.

Quon Gadash was a weapons and armor smuggler in the Terminus Systems, working with several Terminus and Attican-based governments at the time to secure certain weapons that weren’t readily available outside of Council space for armed forces. He was not very well known, but that was by design. He was known within his criminal organization as Greko, named after a reptilian animal on the planet of Khar’shan.

Quon the Greko had just secured a supply of Council Weapons in one of the most risky operations he had ever conducted, stealing from Citadel Security in a large, elaborate heist that took months of planning. It ended up with him having a large supply of weapons and, the Batarian Hegemony, no strangers to working with illegal armorers not unlike Quon, decided to buy from him. It was at that time that Quon met his military contact, Drema Kra’Shak, his future wife.

The two met several times over the course of a year to sell off his supply of weapons as a safeguard from spectres or council forces catching them. During this time, they fell in something kind of like love over the weeks they would spend with one another before returning to their normal lives. And through romantic trysts, Drema came to be pregnant.

Drema was a high-ranking member of the Batarian military and respected by her society while Quon was regarded as a criminal. Because of this, Drema decided to have her baby in secret and bribed her superiors to give her time off. Moving away from her hometown of Brakador, Khar’Shan, she and Quon settled in Ectah, Aratoht, away from all of their friends and family.

Korin Kra’Shak was born to Quon Gadash and Drema Kra’Shak on the evening of September 17th, 2154 in the city of Ectah on the planet Aratoht. He was a standard birth given by a Batarian doctor and he made the parents the happiest people alive. At least for a little while.

Quon began realizing that civilian life wasn’t for him slowly, but surely. As time went on, he began despising the normal romantic life he had with Drema, wishing for the days where they met in secret on Omega for only days at a time. He wouldn’t admit it to himself, at least at first, but he also started resenting Korin for taking Drema’s attention away from him and changing his adventurous life of a smuggler into that of a stay-at-home dad while his wife went off and performed her duties for the Hegemony. Soon enough, Drema’s family reconciled with her choices and came to live with them on Aratoht. He hated Drema’s parents, Garith and Rena. He hated her sister, Basva. He hated this life. He wanted out. But there was no out. He dug his grave. So he decided to dig the graves of his family as well.

On Korin’s second birthday, Quon went to the grocery store. He bought himself a drink, went home. He took off his hat, popped open his drink, and took only one sip from it. Then he took the knife from the kitchen and murdered Garith, Rena, and Basva in a bloody rage. He had a psychotic break all at once. He tortured them slowly and watched as their lives ended, much like he did to clients who tried to get one past him during his smuggling career. He delighted in the murders and was going to turn his blade on his infant child when his mother returned home, wrestled the blade from his grasp, and shot him to death all while he begged her to run away with him. This was, in fact, the site of his first memory. Looking at the bloody sheen of a knife lying on the ground while he cried.

The dynamic of his life was set to a new course. All hopes of prosperity through peace were dashed away for his new calling: Conflict. It is all he ever knew.

After that traumatic event, Drema was deemed mentally unfit for battle and was honorably discharged from the Hegemony military where she began her life as a line cook for a restaurant named Kurro’s in Ectah. She raised Korin all the while dealing with a Butemerol addiction that had been developed in the aftermath of Quon’s murders. She somehow made it through this time in her life.

And as soon as Korin was able to walk around freely, his training began. His mother began training him because of a feeling of pride, thinking that Korin needed to carry on the tradition of military service that the Kra’Shak family was known for. She projected her wants, desires, and needs onto him, but he reciprocated. He was subjected to a variety of military regimens from a young age and spent his days as if he was in basic training. He woke up early, ate, exercised, went to school and did averagely, came home, exercised, worked, ate, and then slept. His mother trained him in batarian martial arts every morning and every night, making him an extremely capable hand-to-hand fighter. Every single day of his childhood was spent like this and he didn’t know anything better. This was life.

Korin soon became a well-oiled machine. In many aspects of his life such as fitness, discipline, work ethic, and more, he excelled. It was his mental health that ultimately came to be his main problem with traumatic events he could barely even remember from his toddler-hood that hampered him. He had trouble making friends and found solace within late-night vids and video games where he could play as much more confident and charismatic versions of himself. It was here the nickname SPARTAN had first come about, where he watched an old human vid about a greek warrior fighting off these evil invaders with so much presence and power. He imagined himself in this role, but had trouble actually being able to think like that type of warrior due to the way his mind worked. These mental issues became even more serious as he went into his early teens and his mother’s drug habit took over most of her life.

It wasn’t long until Korin was shipped off to the military, but when he was, he left his mother in a horrid state. Now he had the opportunity to actually become like the heroes from the vids he watched. He could excel at this part of his life like he had always planned to. And he did. Basic training ended up being an absolute breeze for him as his mother prepared him for this literally since he was a baby. He had no problems with training at all and was recommended for advanced field training which he also breezed through.

The technical parts of being a soldier were all easy to Korin. It was something he was bred to do. It was the mental state of a soldier that became hard to grasp. He was naturally a hotheaded, angry person who had no problem with violence in excess whatsoever. He could out brawl, out shoot, and out power nearly any other soldier he came into contact with, but he couldn’t think like one despite his upbringing. He had no concept of patriotism, nationalism, or brotherhood. Military tactics didn’t come to him, he preferred instinct even when it made no sense. Self preservation was a meaningless term and so was the concept of protecting other soldiers on the field. He had no idea how to get into that kind of mindset.

Despite this, he got through training and did well, being sent out into the field as a batarian soldier in a variety of different operations over the years. He committed his fair share of atrocities, but it was all in the name of being a soldier. At least that’s how he justified it to himself for a while. That is, until, his view on life changed. He’s still not sure what triggered it to this day, but he woke up one morning realizing that people mattered more than anything else. It was something he knew his entire life, but it became a huge part of his set of values from then on out.

Using this new code of honor, he became a valued asset to the Batarian Hegemony and gained the rank of Commander within the military’s special forces. He won decisive battles and saved many lives on the field. And he continued doing that right up to the year 2185, when he heard a report about the Insurrection, the Dominion, and their role in the Coffee Shop Massacre.

Korin was shocked deeply by this report. The Insurrection and Dominion’s values felt similar to his own, with a focus on their own people, but they were against other cultures. This felt like an affront to everything he believed in. They didn’t care about people. They cared about themselves. And they needed to be stopped.

With a loose goal of joining G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., Korin had the Batarian Hegemony contact August Emerson about bringing him into the fold. Initially hesitant, the Hegemony secretly bribed August into taking a number of Batarian members in on the threat of them potentially supporting one or both of the separatist factions. Korin was brought in as the face of this batarian influx and, to satiate the Hegemony who were not satisfied with their Commander becoming a run-of-the-mill operative, he was made the first member of the Watcher Division, a group within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. that acted as a sort of inner-police force that monitored the starships and stations that the agency had under its disposal while also carrying out operations themselves with full authority.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Given his own combat shuttle and set of Watcher Paladin Armor, they also assigned a former Hierarchy military member and spiritual leader, Remus Kaiser, who they believed could straighten Korin out and keep tabs on him while he adjusted into his new role.

As the first Watcher, Korin’s journey has really only just begun.


Korin Kra’Shak is many things. Some could say heroic, practical, and caring, but most would likely say overly brutal, cynical, and likely sadistic. Not many people have high opinions of him. He is a highly flawed individual who is very good at what he does, and what he does is hurting people, sometimes in creative ways. Some say he takes delight in it, but others say it’s just his natural way of doing things - maiming whatever is in his path.

Above all, he is a man who values his own code of ethics above everything else and those ethics may not match many others. He believes, deep down, that the people of the galaxy should be preserved above everything else - that includes government, technology, or any other societal manifestation. Because of this belief, he has no problem wrecking valuable equipment, destroying land, murdering high-profile people, and selling anything of value to preserve people above all else.

Because of this, he actually is a pretty kindhearted individual who cares about others in a way most others don’t. He can be seen performing small acts of kindness constantly for others. While he often comes off as unintelligent, his wit is shown through the constant one-liners and wisecracks he’s so fond of. His love of people extends to all and has shown a fondness for men as well as women, even if he himself admits that he’d prefer a female touch over any other. With quite a sweet tooth, Korin’s often seen eating some form of candy as a means of keeping himself active and alert with a dose of sugar. A lover of nature and animals, he takes pride in preserving the natural, beautiful way of things, and that’s actually the reason he has quite a few plants and animals within his shuttle.

A naturally arrogant man, Korin has many flaws on top of his odd code of morals. His temper is unbridled and short, having no issue at blowing up at any moment at anyone as long as it suits his needs. His temper and arrogance bleeds over his tendency to be very boisterous as he brags quite a bit about his accomplishments and skills in battle very, very often. Yet, while a wisecracker and an arrogant man, he’s somehow a man of few words and often responds in grunts, using dramatic effect to emphasize his point. Coupled with his belief of right and wrong and these flaws, he is known to be extremely brutal and sadistic in battle, mutilating bodies with his superior strength and ripping apart people at the seams. As one can see, he is heavily flawed in many ways.