Laius Caern is a politician on the Citadel. He was appointed as the turian representative of the Citadel Council in 2185. He is also secretly the Zeta member of The Trust's Echelon.


Laius Caern is a turian of considerable height and stature. He stands tall with dark plating and white markings that strike out. He's often seen wearing formal clothing to be at his best.


Pre-Council Appointment

Not much is known about Caern's early years, although at some point before his Council appointment he was the Primarch of Palaven.

Council Appointment

In 2185 Laius Caern was appointed to the Turian seat on the Citadel Council. Immediately he began attempts to reconcile past misdeeds of the Turian government. The first plan was to begin developing a cure to the Genophage. This was a very divisive issue, causing widespread panic across the galaxy and inadvertently leading to the creation of both the Taetran Insurrection and the Blight Dominion. At that point, the council knew it would need to begin an initiative to reunite the galaxy and quell the combatants. Thus, G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. was born.


  • Charismatic
  • Radical
  • Gruff