"With great pride: Engineering is the science of doing. I am a doer."

Mazoril was an Admiral in G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. and the former Commanding Officer of the CSV Avalon. She is currently the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Courts of Dekuuna.



Among the Elcor, it is difficult to stand out in terms of size because of the gargantuan nature of the species. Mazoril does it anyways. She is on the much taller end of the Elcor height spectrum and weighs in on the heavier side as well. This has the added benefits of improving her muscle tone due to her home's high gravity.

Her skin looks like almost every other Elcor, a grey with dark greyish/reddish spots crisscrossed by lighter grey scar tissue from her numerous battles.


When Mazoril heads into battle, she is armed with a shoulder-mounted, VI-assisted chaingun turret.


She typically wears her Dekuuna Military uniform, consisting of deep purple patterned gauntlets and leg coveralls, and a deep purple and light green outlined saddle-cloak.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born on the Elcor colony world of Thunawanuro, Mazoril was always cut from a different cloth than most of her fellows. She dreamed of exploring the galaxy, defending her people. Her father, a renowned chef, and her mother, a teacher, supported her dreams as best they could even if they did not know where these aspirations came from.

In primary school, she learned of the Dekuuna Military and began to plot out her future as an Elcor Marine. She couldn't wait to enlist as soon as she became of age. Her test scores, however, proposed a different path. She grew to have a passion for engineering and attended school at the University of Seruun/Malvuon, earning a Ph.D. in record time, 40 years. After this, she finally started on her dream of joining the military.

She passed through the Dekuuna Military Academy with flying colors, earning her commission and leading a combat engineering team for over 50 years. During that time she fought numerous foes, but never in a formal war. The most mobilized the Dekuuna Military ever became so far in her time was a small attack on a pirate colony that had moved a bit too close to home for comfort. After 56 years of frontline combat service, she was offered a temporary leave for mating purposes.

She married her husband, Hekaza, at the age of 130 in 1948. They have two calves together, both in the later years of their first century together. She knew that the family life wasn't for her. She rejoined the military after her youngest turned 30. This time, she was assigned a line officer's role.

As the commanding officer of an Elcor cruiser, she dealt with more aliens than she ever had in her life. The fast pace of their lives was something shocking to her, and caused her quite a bit of stress. Adapting to this new environment would be difficult, but she was up for the challenge.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

When G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. needed a commanding officer for a research vessel who had both military experience and scientific prowess, she stood out from the crowd and accepted the challenge head on. Mazoril was present during the dupe at the Shroud facility, leading her team in a doomed mission. When the Avalon needed more material to create the Genophage cure Maz was on the ground team on Antibaar, helping to recover a thresher maw egg. Her presence was instrumental in the delivery of the potent cure, removing the genophage plague from the krogan people as part of the CSV Avalon crew.


In the wake of the genophage cure, Mazoril could hardly part with the celebrations. Hailed as a galactic hero by nearly every krogan as well as the majority of each other race, the woman was rapidly brushed into the highest echelons of the galaxy, both in a scientific and militaristic sense.

She was promoted to Admiral by both the fleets of the Elcor and GUARDIAN itself, retaining her posting aboard the Avalon with the highest honors from both organizations. After a well-earned leave back home on Dekuuna with her husband and visiting both of her sons she returned to her duties, vigilantly assisting in the Aegis retrofitting project that turned it into the hub of culture that it is today.

With the announcement of Elcor neutrality in the war, Maz has been conflicted as to where her allegiances truly lie. She believes in the strength of her crew, the values of her people, but most of the Confederacy has a point in her eyes, though the declaration of war was a premature move. It’s time for the galaxy to be governed by everyone. Perhaps a highly regarded elcor could convince the known universe of such a thing peacefully. Perhaps she could.

Civil War


Mazoril has always been a bit of an enigma among engineers and among the Elcor as a whole. She is very passionate about the military lifestyle, enjoying every moment of her work as a starship captain. She holds her crew in the highest regard, and expects nothing but the best every day. She is formal in her duties, but takes her time off very leisurely.

She has a hard time keeping up with some of the fast-pace conversations of other races, though she does her best to understand them no matter the background. This causes some social awkwardness, but she is working on getting better at this. If there is a task she is not good at, she does all she can to improve herself in those aspects.