Orion is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. operative aboard the CSV Avalon. It is a Geth, once a Hopper Unit, that gained individuality at the age of five. After escaping the Consensus with its companion, a Geth Prime named Armada, it is now a researcher and inventor of sorts.

It is currently unknown how or why this unit in particular achieved sentience and it struggles to unravel that mystery and find its footing among sapient lifeforms. It was a key player in curing the Genophage in 2185.



Orion looks like a very standard Geth platform of the Hopper variety. Hoppers are lean and athletic platforms built for cyberwarfare and ambushing. With the capability to crawl on walls and use enhanced agility, they are a force to be reckoned with. Lithe like a spider, his body is finely-tuned for acrobatic maneuvers.

His only real notable feature is the first sign of his individuality is a pink, ratty scarf he found and wears every single day. It seems to matter to him quite a lot, but even he is not sure as to why. Some theorize that it’s, to him, his first real way of expressing himself beyond the norm of his people.


Orion uses an M-3 Predator and the M-4 Shuriken in combat.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

The Unique Mobile Geth Platform was created by the Servants of the People in the galactic year of 2167. It was given the synthetic shell of what the galactic community at large referred to as a Hopper. It was a standard creation process that thousands of other Geth go through. For the first several years of its existence, it lay dormant as it served relatively little function with no combat purpose to be achieved.

It was at the age of five that the Unique Mobile Geth Platform experienced a unique sensation unlike anything it had felt before. The unit describes it as its “awakening”. It was the first time the platform’s emergent intelligence performed an action not ordered by the overall Consensus. It reached out and touched the walls of its ship for they... felt smooth.

From that point on, the Unique Mobile Geth Platform continuously tried taking independent actions without the Consensus detecting it. Slowly, over time, it became more and more enamored with its environment and wanted to know more than the information it was given. How it came to be. How any of it came to be.

That was when it met another Geth platform, a Geth Prime, as it was called. The Unique Mobile Geth Platform followed this Prime around, curious as to why it was treated as a more valuable member of the Consensus than it was, further posing the question if a semi-feudalistic system was in place within the Geth society. The Prime didn’t acknowledge the platform for years, despite its incessant following, until one day, when they stared at one another for a few moments, just a few, before the Prime went on its way.

The Unique Mobile Geth Platform and the Geth Prime were both one day called by the Consensus to join a squadron around its creation age of eighteen. Within a Geth Dropship, they waited until they were dropped a human colony that was settled a bit too closely to the Perseus Veil for comfort. The platforms wiped out everything that they encountered until the Unique Platform was confronted by a mother who begged it to let its child go, he was only five years old.

The Unique Platform recalled when it was five years old as well. The walls were smooth unlike these ones were. They were rough, coarse and he had little interest in them. The Platform performed its duty, wiping both the child and its parent out, but a unique idea came to its consciousness. Perhaps it didn’t matter whether or not the walls were rough here as opposed to what it was familiar with. Perhaps that’s what made these walls unique. Just like it.

The Unique Platform looted the corpse of the child, taking its backpack and... its pink scarf. Curious about the scarf and attempting to emulate the child, it wrapped the cloth around its neck. It wasn’t sure as to why it did it... but it did. Just like the walls so long ago.

The other Geth noticed the Unique Mobile Geth Platform’s pink scarf and its deviation from the Consensus. Attempting to exterminate it as if it were any other virus within the system, the Unique Platform was cornered within the burning colony... only to be saved by the Geth Prime. Unsure as to why it did what it did, the Unique Platform and the Prime fled their fellow Geth and took command of a civilian human vessel, leaving the colony for the stars ahead.

While flying aimlessly in space, having escaped the Geth, the Unique Platform rummaged through the human child’s belongings, finding a book that described humanity’s first journey past their system. From it, it found its own name - Orion, a belt of stars named after the hunter of Greek Mythology. And it found its friend’s name, Armada, named after the mighty power of a fleet of ships.

The Unique Platform directed their ship to the Citadel, where they were captured almost immediately and were brought in for questioning. Upon finding both of their odd, individual behavior, the Councilor Laius Caern, keen on building a bridge between the Council and all non-Council races, decided his best course of action was to bring the Geth platforms into G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. and use its unique perspective and powerful core processors to help cure the Genophage.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Orion was assigned to the CSV Avalon.


Orion is an extremely unique Geth in the fact that he has some sense of individuality. He understands that he is a single being and not part of a larger consensus. But because he’s only recently gained this new outlook on his existence, he doesn’t have much of a personality yet. It’s likely that over time, his personality will become more fleshed out as he gains more traits.

However, there are some traits that he does have, which are interesting enough. One of his main traits is his curiosity. He is hyper curious about his environment and the people around him, but he doesn’t know much when it comes to his own self. His other main trait is a surprising, genuine kindness he exudes. He is quite a caring individual and really does seem to care about machines, organics, and everything in-between. On top of both of those things, Orion is quite intelligent due to being a synthetic being with a mind that has taken in quite a lot of data.

Another quality he has is a desire to further his own people’s interests. Geth are a misunderstood and flawed people. Orion believes they can be brought into the Galactic Community and trusted if given the right circumstances. It just requires someone to give them a chance. And he wants to show the galaxy that a chance should be given.