Nakmor Rabrakir is the Admiral of the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. First Fleet. He is stationed aboard the GSV Arcadia as an Ambassador/Communications Officer. He was previously on the CSV Aegis then on Haven.



Ra's skin colour is a dark beige, with his plates a dark, swampy green with black, jagged warpaint patterns from his shamanism traditions running down from the top of his crust to his collarbone. He has bright, yellow-amber eyes with black snake-eye slits for pupils. He's above average size for a krogan, well built and muscular, and weighs roughly 258 kilos.


Ra carries with him a Graal Spike Thrower shotgun, a Carnifex heavy pistol, an M-300 Claymore shotgun and a Warhammer that can be biotically charged. Occasionally he'll use a hatchet, or a traditional dagger, albeit rarely due to the impracticality compared to an omniblade.

He's a powerful biotic capable of doing Pull, Throw, Biotic Charge, Nova, Barrier, and Biotic Orbs.


Rabrakirs' armour of choice is decorated with bones and paint, and is a modified heavy armour designed to alow increased flexibility in the joints while being to withstand the brunt of most firearms. On his left shoulder he will commonly wear a varrens' reinforced skull, formerly belonging to his pet and hunting partner.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Rabrakir was for many years the shaman of the clan Nakmor, and well respected in the region. He gained his biotic abilities when exposed to eezo as a fetus, as he was born in a mercenary's storage hangar. Rabrakir was raised as a rather normal young krogan boy, but he was selected to be the old shamans' successor, and was taught in the traditional ways of krogan shamanism. The old shaman was, in fact, Rabrakirs’ older brother, and was incredibly conservative. The young krogan would be punished severely for wrong-doings or disobedience, even from the slightest stray-away from the established rules, often in the form of burning-hot lashes, that still scar him to this day.

The old shaman died when Rabrakir was 142 years old, thus rising to this rank in clan Nakmor. It’s commonly thought the elder brother was killed by wildlife, but only Rabrakir knows what truly happened to him that late evening in the Tuchankan wastes…

He received biotic implants at the age of 196. As unusual as it was, he was lucky enough to receive many visitors, both krogan and alien, who brought stories and wisdom from the worlds beyond the nuclear rock-ball of Tuchanka. Hearing more and more of these stories, he was enlightened on life in the galaxy, and the rather one-sided and biased views that arose from Tuchanka faded from his mind. He was tired of the fact that most krogan harboured hatred to the other species.

Rabrakir became increasingly more liberal with his philosophy, which was only further inspired when a young asari was admitted into their clan, and he was tasked with teaching her their ways. Years went by with this asari, where during the day he’d train her in combat and especially biotics, while during the evenings they would find a quiet place and discuss their religions, their philosophies, and other existential questions. Their relationship was warm and friendly, and they even melded on the rarest of occasions. Sadly, she was taken away from him after six years, and they did not see each other for another 31 years, due to clan-reasons. They were reunited for several months afterwards, this time their relationship being even more intimate than previous.

But this did not last. He was plagued by the restrictive life on Tuchanka. The stories she told him from outside only further inspired him, and at age 377 he vanished from Tuchanka. Most presumed he had been killed out in the wastelands, but in reality the free-thinking krogan had taken a shuttle out, disgusted by the narrow mindedness and uber-violent nature of his fellow kin, seeking to know more of the galaxy he so often gazed upon during the nights with the asari.

Eventually, it became known that he abandoned his clan, and there have been several attempts at murdering him for this betrayal. He's no longer welcome in Clan Nakmor territory, and thus lived in Omega until purchasing and apartment in the Citadel, 23 years ago. Although he lived mostly in Omega during his exile, he was a frequent tourist to other worlds, visiting many colonies and homeworlds, such as Illium, Sur'Kesh, Palaven and Thessia. He hopes to visit Earth one day.

After many decades, the ex-shaman has grown far from his peoples' biased hatred against other aliens. He's spent most of his days meditating, travelling or studying, learning of other cultures and lifestyles around the galaxy. The visits to other worlds taught him a great many things. Going to the asari worlds taught him more about the potential of biotics, and how he could improve his skill with them. Palaven, even if many turians were not too keen on having a krogan wandering around, taught him how other cultures train their military, and how it affects their societies.

Having heard of GUARDIAN and its cause, he hopes he can be a negotiator between krogan and alien relations, and assist in perhaps forming a middle-ground. He's skeptical to the genophage cure, believing that the krogan people have dug themselves too deeply into hatred of other aliens to be given such liberties so quickly.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Ra was assigned to the CSV Aegis. Rabrakir was involved in the Summit of the Dampened Spirit (CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said). He assisted in talking councilor Leral Veran from rescinding his full support for GUARDIAN. During Ralek and Genea Tasati's failed assassination attempt, Rabrakir remained mostly unharmed.


A curious and freethinking krogan, he enjoys reading and learning of other cultures and people, especially taking interest in alien history. As they are one of the most recent species to join the galactic community, Rabrakir has studied a large amount of human history the past few years. Most would describe him as unusually calm, contained and openhearted, but ruthlessly protective of close friends and loved ones. He can be rather proud of himself, perhaps even arrogant, and has a tendency of being flirtatious around females he finds interesting, intentionally or not. Rabrakir can be brutally honest and dislikes telling lies or sugarcoating the facts or his opinions. When he does reach the stage of krogan Bloodrage, he can turn very tunnel-visioned, disobedient, and irrational. Having been a shaman, he is also a formidable warrior and a biotic. He has a tendency of growing very attached to certain, selected people, acting as a father figure.

He also has a hobby of hunting in his free time.

Musical themes

Main theme

Woodkid - Iron

Enraged battle-theme

Mick Gordon - Rip and Tear


The artist for Rabrakirs' faceclaim is The user Danicorn ordered and paid for this piece.