Rozalin S'Liva is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Calliope within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet.



Slightly tall for an asari at 5 foot 10 inches, which she affectionately blames on her father. Has difficulty gaining muscle due to her ectomorphic body type, but tries to maintain a regular exercise routine to allow her to use her favorite AR without much issue. Tries to keep her posture and expression confident and inviting, but occasionally forgets to change them to match the current situation.

Has a long, jagged horizontal scar along her throat from a failed ambush attempt by group of Eclipse mercs, which she is very self conscious of and keeps hidden with neck padding/armor or turtlenecks (when off duty). Skin color is a general light blue coloration with darker blue spots and streaks in an approximate vertical line from jawline to eyes, almost like a trail of tears, offset by uncommon (for an asari) amber eyes.


She carries with her an M-96 Mattock.


She is most often seen in the standard GUARDIAN uniform or her Agent armor from her time in C-Sec.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born in a modest home in the Thessian Republic of Serrice to Claira S’Lvia and the salarian Jolol Cerlan, Rozalin enjoyed her young life. Her father was doting, kind and quick to lighten the mood, while her mother was fair, honest and as is common of asari, quite becoming. Growing up on Thessia, she was naturally adept in biotics and enjoyed practicing her skills.  On her 113th birthday, many years after the passing of Jolol, Rozalin left her home behind, intent on finding her place in the universe; and she hoped, someone like her father to meld with.

As a council race, Rozalin felt drawn to Citadel space and made every effort to improve herself and get noticed on the hub. Her tireless training with assault rifles (her favorite being a M-96 Mattock she saved up for over the course of a couple years after entering the citadel) and competency with biotics caught the attention of C-Sec and earned her a spot patrolling the Shalta Ward. It was here that she formed a strong bond with the rest of the agents assigned to the ward, in particular a salarian by the name of Astal Zazon. Astal reminded Rozalin very much of her father, always helping others and constantly trying to make her smile. Roz, as she insisted the agents that patrolled Shalta Ward call her, constantly referred to these agents as “Her Team” and strove to keep them all in top shape; even if they didn't want her to.

When she was approximately 130 earth years of age, she entered into an exclusive relationship with Astal, their affection for one another evident to everyone on the ward. This proved to complicate things, as the salarian expected Rozalin to side with him constantly, even when she disagreed on something. Over the next few years, our asari agent learned that different people defined love in different ways: such as devoted love, like her parents had, selfless love for others, or a selfish love that caused strong jealousy and distrust any time they perceived behavior they didn't approve of. This last love was the only kind her beloved Astal seemed capable of, constantly second-guessing her motives or actions when looking out for the wellbeing of “Her Team”.

Events finally forced her to a crossroads, “Her Team” pinned down by a group of Eclipse mercenaries caught smuggling tainted eezo into her ward, her beloved Astal trapped behind the firefight, captured to use as a bartering tool. Screaming her anger at her inability to be in two places at once, Rozalin extended a biotic sphere around her and her team, then stormed into the middle of the mercs, mindless to the projectiles absorbed by her barrier and reflected by her armor. She was going to fucking kill these whore sons that threatened her people, her loved one! Strained by the exertion of maintaining the defensive sphere around what she considered her charges “Her Team”, she pushed forward still, needing to save them all. As the asari entered the storage room where Astal’s signal was coming from, she saw his body slumped against the wall, head slowly tilting left and right, like he was dazed. Slinging her Mattock, Rozalin moved close to him, noticing too late the Eclipse bastard behind the counter and the blade in his hand. She remembered the feel of the blade as it slid through her depleted barrier and ripped into her throat, the splash of warm purple blood staining the ground and her armor.

She remembered voices, the familiar sensation of medigel on her neck. Lights. Voices, some she knew she recognized. Sounds. Beeping. Incessant beeping. She gasped, her eyes fluttering open to see an asari doctor standing over her. To the side, leaning against the wall was a turian c-sec officer she didn't recognize. Internal Investigations, turns out. Then the questions started. No, she didn't know what happened after she was wounded.  No, she didn't know what happened to the rest of her squad. No, she didn't know that someone in C-Sec had sold them out. No, she didn't know where Astal was. Wait, where were all the questions coming from? What happened to everyone?

After an intense and exhausting interrogation, Roz was discharged from the medical clinic and resumed her service in the wards. Unfortunately, “Her Team” was gone, the survivors moved to different wards, departments or even to different systems entirely. Doubting her ability to read or understand people she knew she should trust, Rozalin started to shut down emotionally. Still working with her team, but no longer able to believe the emotions that had guided her to this point.

Many more years later, the asari received a summons to the C-Sec offices. Her captain informed her she had been recommended for a council STF, to pack her gear and report for duty ASAP.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Roz was assigned to the CSV Aegis, then transferred to the Calliope. During the Second Skyllian Blitz, she was killed in action.


Rozalin tries to defuse situations through peaceful efforts (she considers liberal use of Lift "peaceful") and during her stint at C-Sec was often used to disperse potentially violent groups. She does not take kindly to aggressive actions against her team, often reacting with violent force and takes extreme satisfaction in keeping her teammates safe. This personality trait is often detrimental to her health, as she will often risk her own well-being to ensure her team remains alive. Will occasionally take on a "Mother Hen" role with her team, which can lead to her being seen as overbearing.

Enjoys camaraderie with others, however after certain events she has shut down emotionally, only displaying the expected surface emotion the majority of the time and is disillusioned by relationships due to previous experiences. Roz (as she prefers to be called by her teammates) is blunt in her actions and speech, much happier directly facing a situation than taking time to consider motives or alternatives, contrary to typical perception of asari. When focusing too hard on something, she has been known to start getting drowsy and must either stop focusing so intently or find another way to stave off entering slumber.