The Main Server was where the true story of Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. unfolds. Once players had cleared basic training, their characters were transfered from the Training Server (see also: Asgard Station) to their assigned ship on the Main Server.

To-Do List For New Arrivals

Were you a fresh face to your ship? Still finding your bearings? Not to worry! We'd taken the liberty of throwing together a checklist for your next steps. Please do give it a read and follow along when you were ready.

  1. Read the #welcome channel. This area will provide an overview of our rules and expectations. It also provides the premise of the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. story, set in 2185 in an alternate universe where Shepard and the Reapers do not exist.
  2. Read the #faction-applications channel. This area will go into deeper detail about the three primary factions of the story - the Taetran Insurrection, the Blight Dominion and finally G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. itself. Please note that all player characters here on the server are members of the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. faction.
  3. Read the #starship-applications channel. This area details the three possible ships you may be assigned to, their roles in operations and the style of gameplay they cater most towards.
  4. Read the #tech-applications channel. If you wish to have your first character use custom technology, you must issue an application for it here.
  5. Finalize your character using the template in #character-applications, then post it there. Please follow the formatting we have laid out, including spacing. After our moderators have had the chance to review them, we'll respond with feedback in either the #character-applications channel itself or the #character-review-and-questions channel - regardless, we'll be sure to tag you so you don't miss any updates on your application.
  6. Once you have been assigned to a ship, hop on over to #looking-for-roleplay to discuss with your new shipmates about what scene you'd like to use to introduce your character. Be sure to also have a read through your ship's existing RP logs so that you have a good understanding of the characters and stories onboard so far.

Happy RP'ing!

Navigation: Text Channels

RP servers can be intimidating to navigate if you're new to them! Thankfully, if you're reading this, it means that you're already in the right place for help on getting around. This section was acting as a guide to navigating the Main Server's text channels.


The Welcome channel was your one-stop shop for Server Rules and an explanation of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'s story premise.


This channel was usable only by people who are brand new onto the Main Server. Here, you could say hello to the rest of the community and ask the admins/moderators to assign the 'User' Discord Role. This was be your first port of call before anything else, as you will be unable to post in any other channel without this Role attached to your profile.


Any important or large-scale updates from the server staff would be posted here. It was advised that an eye should have been kept on it, as vital knowledge used to be posted every now and again!


The General-Chat channel was the hub for most out-of-character discussion. People could freely post links and images, but nothing that was NSFW or malicious content which would result in disciplinary action.


A text chat specifically for people who were currently using one of the Voice Channels.


Shitposting central. Nothing explicit was allowed.

Media Discussion

The Media Discussion category was the place to discuss all types of media you enjoyed.


Discussion of video games on all platforms. Also used as a "looking for game" channel.


This was a no-holds-barred spoiler discussion channel for all Mass Effect titles.


This channel was for discussing movies and TV shows. Spoilers were permitted, as long as they are were not for movies that weren't available on private-ownership formats yet. This channel could also be used to set up viewings of TV shows or movies with others on the server.


A channel to share and discuss artwork. Anything that could be used as a faceclaim for characters on the server was not allowed to be shared here so to prevent users from having trouble finding their own, but besides that any artwork that isn't NSFW coul be posted.


The channel for sharing songs and music.


Anything related to food went here, including recipes.


Anything related to professional or collegiate sports.


Anything related to anime or Japan could be discussed in here without being made fun of.


The channel for posting any personal works that weren't related to GUARDIAN.


Sam's personal home for talking about wrestling (usually with himself).


The hub for talking about Sam's production company, White Hat Studios.

Roleplay Discussion

The Roleplay Discussion category was the place to discuss anything related to roleplay on the server.


Getting feedback and character-building advice was here. It was recommended that potential applications were posted in this channel a couple of times before going in #character-applications.


This text channel served as a hub for any discussion that relates directly to roleplaying/scenes that occurred. It was a good spot to comment on what you thought of a player's actions, ask for feedback or even just have a laugh about the various shenanigans that can be expected from each ship.


This channel was where you could check who else from your ship was online and ask them if they would like to set up an RP scene. If they agree and there was a room on your ship available with no active scene, you could establish a new scene there. Alternatively, if there was a scene already taking place, you could ask anyone in there already if they'd be happy to have your character appear and get involved.


Discussion and assistance on new character concepts, posts, or character development.


A channel for organising and discussing roleplays happening on the server but not within the GUARDIAN universe.


Out-of-character discussion room used for talking about research and development that was being done by characters within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. It was commonly used for discussing and reviewing tech apps.


A concise list of all previously running events. GMs would post event listings in this channel so players could sign up by informing the GM of their interest in #looking-for-roleplay or elsewhere if specified.


A chronicle of those who have died in service of their Galaxy (Or were covertly assassinated for committing high treason. Take your pick.)


A text-based medium for Administrators and invited users to give tutorials, review RPs, and conduct interviews.


Promotions for events, teasers, trailers, and the occasional Elcor Blast X advertisement. Following the end of certain Events, the Galactic News Network may be updated with articles describing the galactic effects and consequences of player/G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. actions.


The Applications category is where users could apply for various things to be included in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. universe.


Whilst you will have used Google Forms to create a basic character during your time on the Training Server, before you can begin to play on the Main Server, you must use the Character Creation Template to finalize your character's more in-depth details.


Here, players could apply to create up to five NPCs related to their character's personal stories - for example, relatives or close friends. Once accepted, these characters could then be referenced and even used by Game Masters in-game.


This channel allowed you to apply for the creation of homebrew technology, such as weapons, armor, prosthetics, cybernetic augmentions, drones and other assorted gear.


This channel lists the various starships and spacestations present in the Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. universe and statistics about them. It also lists the crew assigned to each ship. You could also apply to create your own starship here. Because of the nature of the server, starships were very, very rarely accepted and required at least five to ten player characters willing to reside within it in order to be considered.


This channel lists the various factions of the Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. universe and statistics about them. You could also apply to form your own faction here, but your player character had remain primarily a member of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. at all times.

Event Channels

Event channels are where Main Scenario Events and Side Scenario Events were ran by Game Masters. They were key to the story of the Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. universe and could have huge impacts on all aspects of characters' interpersonal stories, depending on player choices and actions.

The following channels fall under this category;

  • #the-aftermath
  • #guardian-main-story
  • #guardian-main-story-two
  • #arcadia-main-story
  • #arcadia-main-story-two
  • #arcadia-side-story
  • #providence-main-story
  • #providence-main-story-two
  • #providence-side-story
  • #osiris-main-story
  • #osiris-main-story-two
  • #osiris-side-story

Free RP Channels

Every G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. ship had Free RP channels, or 'rooms', where players can create and run their own roleplay scenes.

In order to create a new scene, you could simply ask your shipmates in #looking-for-roleplay about starting a scene somewhere. If there was a scene already going on, you can use Discord's 'Mention' function to get the attention of anyone in that scene and ask if your character could jump in. People had to note that a Free RP channel could only have one active scene at a time.

Looking For RP

An example of how to propose starting a Free RP scene (click to expand).

To use the Mention function, players had to simply type "@[character name]" - for example, "@Brathe" - and select the associated user from the drop-down menu that would appear.

Any channel under the Arcadia, Providence or Osiris categories is considered to be a Free RP channel. Most Free RP channels were dedicated to a certain area on their respective ships, restricting roleplays happening in those channels to that area. If the channel dedicated to the area you wanted to roleplay in was currently in use, you either had to wait for the channel to open up, request to join the ongoing roleplay or use the 'free-location' channels that existed for every ship, which could also be used for any non-listed ship location.

Live RP Channels

Live Roleplay channels allowed for players to act out quick scenarios between characters. The shorter, less descriptive post format meant these scenarios could have a larger focus on conversation and could be concluded in a matter of hours, rather than over the course of several days which was usually the case for free RP.

In order to use a Live RP channel, a GM must have approved the scenario beforehand. Any scenario that might have a lot of descriptive actions, scenery or may transition over a long time in-character is unlikely to be approved as it would be better suited for a free RP. If a Live RP is ongoing but hasn't had a response from any involved party for several hours, the Live RP may be closed to allow others to use the channel.

Story RP Channels

Story Roleplay channels allow players to post short stories developing their characters without having to roleplay the scenario with a GM or other player. Stories usually consist of one large post made by one player with focuses on one character for the purpose of developing said character. These stories can be as long or as short as necessary and can occur over a longer in-character timeframe than regular roleplay.

Miscellaneous Roleplay Channels

Miscellaneous Roleplay channels are for roleplays that are happening on the server but outside of the GUARDIAN universe. They can occur in original or established universes and can be organised and run by players without any staff intervention. These roleplays must remain in the format of the server and follow the server's rules. They also cannot be tabletop RPGs since GUARDIAN has a dedicated server for this.

Intership Communications

Intership Communications channels allowed for player characters to interact with GUARDIAN NPCs or characters on different ships. For scenarios between player characters and NPCs, a GM will take control of the NPC and utilise a 'dialogue wheel' that the player can choose conversation topics from. For roleplays between player characters, the scenario must be based around legitimate business and affairs within GUARDIAN. To use the channels for any purpose, GM approval is needed first.


The Archive categories contained every roleplay channel that was in use prior to the beginning of Arc Three. Upon the introduction of Arc Three, which destroyed almost every existing GUARDIAN ship and caused every player character to be reassigned to new vessels, these channels were archived so the roleplays that occurred could be preserved while also not clutering the server with unused channels.