The Training Server was where players got their first taste of role-playing in the Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. universe. In order to have gained access to the Main Server, players must have first submitted a character application, got accepted into a training class, and prove that their characters and RP skills are up to par.

In-universe, Asgard Division was G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'s basic training facility, currently located on the GSV Arcadia. After an applicant was accepted into the organization, they were sent to this deck for physical conditioning, leadership and combat training, and occupational education.

To-Do List for New Arrivals

  1. Read the #welcome-and-rules channel, then say hi in #introduction. In order to gain the Users role and begin interacting with the rest of the server, you will be asked to answer a few short questions about what you've just read.
    1. Please take this process seriously. It should take at most a few minutes, and then you're free to joke around and shitpost to your heart's content in designated OOC channels.
    2. If upon reading #welcome-and-rules you didn't like what you saw, that's was OK! We took RPing seriously and have high commitment and writing quality standards. If that was not for you, you need to politely let us know what you think (however you wouldn't be listened to.) and then leave the server.
    3. No. Lurkers. If you joined then never comment, or if upon being admitted to the other channels you became inactive for an extended period of time, you would have been kicked.
  2. Upon being admitted to the rest of the channels, people should have closely read #newcomers for detailed information on the character application and training process. For convenience, that information is transcribed further into this article.
  3. Read the pinned messages in #character-applications to learn what information is required in character applications and what types of characters are allowed.
  4. Introduce yourself in #general-chat. Other users will be eager to meet you and assist you with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
  5. Once you start making a character or even just generating ideas, get feedback and advice in #character-reviews. This was the domain of our Character Reviewers - non-staff veteran users who were recognized for their knowledge and helpfulness.
  6. Wait for the next training class to start. Depending on when you joined, there may or may not have already been an ongoing class. Administrators would announce when applications for the next available class were open. In the meantime, players needed to continue working on their character application, interacting with other users, and reading previous RPs to get a feel for the style and content.

Character Applications and Roleplay

From #newcomers:

You’re were there and a full user now, so the best thing for you could do would be to start thinking of what kind of character you’d like to play. An important thing to know is that GUARDIAN does not ask members to join very often. All of your characters will be enlisting into this program, not being contacted personally. With that in mind, ensure your character makes sense in the context. Do you want to play a devilishly handsome drell with a penchant for flowers and a voice that makes even the most cold-hearted women melt with ecstasy? Why would they join GUARDIAN? A human male with a dark and tragic past that single-handedly killed a councilor and his entourage while fighting off an emotional flashback that seems cold to everyone but gets all the booty he can imagine? Is that realistic? These questions are why we have the character reviewers. They’re here to help you with any of your character reviewing needs. The format for character applications can be found pinned in the #character-applications channel along with rules for what races/occupations are off-limits to oncoming users.

Finally onto the RP. The good stuff. Asgard is run in a unique way compared to our other servers. Every two weeks open up applications for members who wish to partake. We leave the posting open for about 2-3 days before we review the applicants, accepting around 5 before we start the class. Those who are not accepted are allowed to continue applying for the next classes, but please take into account the advice you are given from reviewers and staff. The classes take around 2-3 OOC weeks to complete before you are graded and either accepted onto the main server or fail and are given the chance to try again. These courses are basic and help us get a feel for your RP abilities and give advice on how you can improve as a writer and a character roleplayer. We all could use advice to improve, so don’t take it personally when someone tries to help you get better.

For more resources we have our wiki, which is full of every character past and present aboard the main server as well as much of our handcrafted lore. All events that are completed have a page and a synopsis there as well, allowing people to catch up on whatever they missed or weren’t able to take part in. With that, we’d like to welcome you aboard once more, and if you have any more questions at all just hit us up in the #questions-and-answers!

Best of luck, Recruits!

Character Application Rules

From #character-applications:

  • Only canon races, non-Reaper/Leviathan, and non-extinct races can be created as characters. Background races are not considered canon, these include the Raloi, Virtual Aliens, etc.
  • Only original characters can be approved. Any character that is a canon character or related to a canon character will not be approved.
  • Characters enhanced by genetic or synthetic means are allowed, but they must be within reason, and should remain in the realm of their race’s physiology.
  • Character biographies must be at least 3 paragraphs, and may not be in a timeline format (having a separate timeline as a summary is allowed but will not be counted as a part of the biography).
  • Non-asari biotic characters will require an explanation on how they were exposed to Eezo dust in utero (before they are born).
  • Mutants and hybrids are likely not to be approved without EXTREMELY good reason.
  • Advanced characters are characters that possess special traits that are not very common throughout the Galaxy. These characters may be very important to the world at large and are not permitted as your first character in the Training or Main Servers.
    • Advanced characters include, but are not limited to: Geth, Yahg, Artificial Intelligences, Rachni, Ardat-Yakshi, Justicars, High-Ranking Leaders, Spectres, and top-tier Special Forces such as N7s and STG agents.
  • Comic Book or Video Game or Etc. Faceclaims that have already been claimed, may be acquired if an arrangement is worked out between the original claimant, or if the original claimant has been inactive for at least a year.
    • Unless express approval is gained from the original artist, faceclaims will not be uploaded to the wiki in the event your character is accepted on the Main Server.

Navigation: Text Channels

Even to experienced roleplayers and/or Discord users, an RP server's formatting can at first be indimidating and difficult to navigate. This section will act as a guide to navigating the Training Server's text channels.


Contains an overview of the Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. premise and the story so far. More importantly, it's your one-stop shop for server rules and etiquette. New members are required to read this channel in its entirety before being admitted to other text channels.


This is where new users introduce themselves. Before a new member is admitted to other text channels, a staff member will typically ask a few short questions to ascertain that they have read #welcome-and-rules and are on the server for the purpose of roleplaying.


Any important or large-scale updates from the server staff will be posted here. Please do keep an eye on it, as vital knowledge gets posted every now and again!


Our hub for most out-of-character discussion. Feel free to post links and images, but please note that posting NSFW or malicious content will result in disciplinary action.


A text chat specifically for people who are currently using one of the voice channels. Additionally, this channel can be used to invite other users to public voice chat with an individual or @here tag.


A no-holds-barred spoiler discussion channel for all Mass Effect titles, including Andromeda.


Shitposting central. Spam is permitted (to an extent), but harassing other users is not.


Share your profile for various gaming platforms. Batllenet ID, Gamertag, Steam ID, anything that's applicable!


Discussion of video games on all platforms. Also used as a "looking for game" channel.


Get feedback and character-building advice here. It's recommended that potential applications are posted in this channel multiple times before being submitted for a class. This is the domain of our Character Reviewers: Non-staff veteran users who are recognized for their knowledge and helpfulness.

  • Character sheets should be posted in a Google Docs link with sharing and commenting enabled. For ease of comprehension, please follow the template pinned in #character-applications.


This text channel serves as a hub for any discussion that relates directly to roleplaying/scenes that have occured. It's a good spot to comment on what you thought of a player's actions, ask for feedback or even just have a laugh about the various shenanigans that can be expected during training. Trainees are encouraged to ask for feedback here, and should expect to receive some regardless.


While largely defunct on a server with little actual free RP, this channel may occasionally be used by an ongoing class's Game Manager to announce procedural developments like bunk assignments and final grading.


An admin-curated timeline of events in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. story.


The source of occasional in-universe news reports on galactic current events.


A channel available only to those with the Graduate role.


Contrary to the name, character applications are not submitted in this channel. Instead, it is used by staff and GMs to announce class acceptance and graduations. Pinned in this channel is the character application template and rules on acceptable character types.


Overviews of the primary factions in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. canon. Users on the Training Server are not permitted to create factions.


Overviews of the primary spacecraft and stations at G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'s disposal. Player characters on the Main Server are assigned to the GSV Arcadia, GSV Osiris, or the GSV Providence. Users on the Training Server are not permitted to create G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. or major faction starships.

Training Channels

The following are the RP channels used during class training:

  • #asgard-station-main-story
  • #asgard-station-one
  • #asgard-station-two
  • #asgard-station-three
  • #asgard-station-four
  • #asgard-station-five
  • #asgard-station-six
  • #asgard-bunk-one
  • #asgard-bunk-two
  • #asgard-bunk-three
  • #asgard-bunk-four
  • #asgard-bunk-five

#asgard-station-main-story is the GM-led primary training RP. Unless otherwise stated by the overseeing GM, events here are all GM-response.

#asgard-station-one through #asgard-station-six are available for Trainee use in free RPs with GM permission.

#asgard-bunk-one through #asgard-bunk-five are used solely for RP in bunks. Characters will be assigned to individual bunks by the class GM.