Sonis'Kros nar Idenna is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Ensign onboard the GSV Arcadia. He was formerly on the CSV Avalon.



The decorative cowl that covers the majority of his suits helmet is a light red and bears the same intricate patterns often attributed to the quarians. Off of this a decorative shaw of the same name and color falls down his back and is belted to his waist. Other than this however, Sonis' suit is a drab factory grey, utterly unadorned. The sole exception being that the young Quarian is known to write reminders and notes along the lengths of his arms to compensate for his sporadic mind. These often smug before he can make use of them as he writes them in actual ink, but if this bothers him he makes no outward indecation of such. The rag he wears in his belt is used to clean his arms of renewed space for more recent notes is needed, or if he needs to appear professional such as when reporting for active duty.


He carries with him an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol and has the ability to use Tech Armor and Energy Drain.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Sonis' father, a Marine of the Fleet was killed in action while working as a guard for a scientific mission on the fringes of the Terminus Systems shortly before he was born. His mother only survived 4 hours after his birth due to complications surrounding the event. After this his was raised by his father's close friend and fellow marine, Sen'Sunon von Idenna. He never felt much sadness over this as he never knew the people he has lost. Sen however, whom Sonis always saw as his father, often seemed very distraught when they were mentioned and this brought him more grief than the loss of His parents itself. He was always a studious child, excelling academically and while not a soilder of legend, was apt enough in his duties while training as a engineer even once repairing a potentially deadly haul breach on one of the Idenna's scout ships after a sudden encounter with very bold pirates that believed they could escape after attacking the edge of the Fleet. He was always tinkering with scrap as a child in an attempt to better understand the technology His life was dependant on. In His eyes it felt only respectful to understand the machines he needed to survive. More than once in doing so he caused suit breches and while he became sick he always claimed afterward that the experience helped him better understand how to maintain his suit efficiently. His captain and foster father both often forbade him from doing the same go the engine core much to his disappointment. These excentricities often left him isolated from other people as they saw him as an oddity. While mechanical tinkering was a passion his true love was history.

This love for history sparked when Sen would tell him tales of the homeworld that his father had told him, and his father him, etc. These stories became Sonis' earliest memories and he holds them dear to his heart, though they force twinges of sadness whenever he thinks of how much his face has lost as a result to their own hubris. This love of his own history and it's ramifications on his people's current state lead him to study other cultures in an effort to better understand them and to better understand his relation to them. If you could understand where you came from, where your allies and enemies and neighbors came from, would always be able to know where everyone was going. He became particularly intrested in Salarian engineering and their culture's focus on intellect over most else, seeing kindred spirits in their studious nature.

When his Pilgrimage begun he traveled to Sur'kesh to enroll in university in an effort to learn new engineering techniques and to gain a personal understanding of scientific devolpment. Here he found a sense of belonging he had never really felt before. His first semester of classes was his first true experience of social acumen, His first time wanting to be around a large amount of other people. Other people who wished to learn and study and understand near as much as he did. He was truly happy there with his fellow students. With his teachers. All but one at least. Said professor, an strkng supporter of the Insurection and their belief set, openly disregarding everything about the krogan as useless and savage. Sonis found this not only a waste of invaluable lessons of the dangers of self destruction and the benefits tribal organisation, but a disgustingly cruel way to view a race of sentient people, aggressive as they may be. Despite the joy his schooling brought him, and despite the good what He was learning would do for the Fleet he eventually found He could stand these beliefs no longer. In a uncharacteristicly rash decision driven by his belief in fairness and his kind dispostion, he abruptly dropped out and left Sur'kesh.

For a time he had very little idea as to what he was going to do. He couldn't return home without bringing something of use and in his passion he forgot to plan his next move. Cursing himself he traveled from place to place for a time, learning much of several cultures through the exposure to various peoples' colonies. Eventually, however, this rapid travel quickly lead to his funds running dry while He was visiting the Citadel, leaving him stranded. With few options left to him, he took up a job cleaning in a restaurant to fund his trip off the station, meeting many people from all different racing and gaining a firmmer understanding of the culture he had studied, though many found him odd or openly disliked him. It was here where he heard of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. , a group intent to cure the genophage. With his technical knowellge and youthful optimism, he saw this group as a chance to make a strong difference in the galaxy, and perhaps even help his people in the process. Shortly after, he left his job to enlist in the organisation, hopeful he could be of use in his own way.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Due to his engineering expertise and habit of freelance research Sonis was assigned to the CSV Avalon. He was present during the disaster at the Shroud where he assisted in driving off Dominion scouts shortly before the team of Sirta Foundation scientists at the site were in fact Insurrection agents that tricked the Avalon team into destroying the facility. Sonis suffered a severe psychological blow from this and spent many weeks learning to trust others again. During this time after the aid of his fellow crew mates who helped to quiet his doubts, he was assigned to a team being sent to the ocean world of Triton where the Avalon operatives hired a freelance submersible in order to extract a rare life form in order to assist in finding a cure for the Genophage. After an underwater battle, the team was successful with little complications. In the coming weeks, Sonis was one of the dozens assisting in finding a substitute method of dispersal for the newly formulated Genophage cure. Once the mission above Tuchanka to spread the cure was underway Sonis acted as the dispersal operative aboard the shuttle designated Montrad Two. The small crew had a few tense moments but managed to successfully spread their payload with no casualties and little damage. The team then made ground to assist in the rescue of the survivors of Montrad One after their being shot down.


Following the mission's success, Sonis was promoted to the rank of Ensign due to his service and was appointed as the Avalon's Chief Engineer.


Sonis'Kros nar Idenna managed to garner a reputation across his homeship for being rather...awkward. This is clearly evident to anyone that meets the young Quarian very early on. He has always been generally shy and quiet, a trait that leant his fellow Quarians to view him as a bit of a black sheep in their socially centric culture. While he would try to avoid crowds, this was near impossible on a crusor with a population of 700 that was built to hold a 90 man crew. His efforts not often than not lead him to bump into prople, quietly apologize, and shuffle away while others whispered how odd he was. He almost always heard them despite their volume. Rumors spread, seemingly to attempt to explain his atypical behaviour, much to his displeasure. This all accumulated in the young man fighting against a steady depression through most of his childhood. He found escape in his studies when he had the time. A vastly intelligent boy, Sonis could often leave his teachers stammering, though he often felt guilty for doing so afterward. He may be next to socially incompitant, but Sonis is a kind hearted person, feeling empathy for even common strangers should he be aware of their personal tragedies. Loyal to a fault, while possessing few friends and fewer close ones, he cherished the relationships he managed to form as his greatest treasures.