Trajan Draculus is a Turian businessman and trillionaire, he is also the founder of the Taetran Insurrection. He is secretly a member of The Trust.


Trajan Draculus is a white-plated Turian with black skin, dark red eyes, and an athletic figure. He is often seen wearing his black and red robes in public.


Pre-Taetran Insurrection

Not much is known about Trajan Draculus before the events election of Councilor Laern, although it is known that he was a very wealthy businessman.

Taetran Insurrection

After Councilor Laern was elected, many people across the galaxy were infuriated by the decision to cure the Genophage. Draculus spoke out publicly against the cure, and founded a group consisting of anti-cure proponents on the turian colony of Taetrus.


  • Reckless
  • Euphoric
  • Entitled
  • Vain